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Ervin Laszlo spent his childhood in Budapest. He was a celebrated child prodigy on the piano, with public appearances from the age of nine. Receiving a Grand Prize at the inter- national music competition in Geneva, he was allowed to leave Hungary and begin an international concert career, first in Europe and then in America.

Laszlo received the Sorbonne’s highest degree, the Doctorat ès Lettres et Sciences Humaines in 1970. Shifting to the life of a scientist and humanist, he lectured at various U.S. Univer- sities including Yale and Princeton. Following his work on modeling the future evolution of world order at Princeton, he was asked to produce a report for the Club of Rome, of which he was a member. In the late 70s and early 80s, Laszlo ran global projects at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research at the request of the Secretary-General. In the 1990s his research led him to the discovery of the Akashic Field.

The author, co-author or editor of 89 books that have appeared in a total of 23 languages, Ervin Laszlo has also written several hundred papers and articles in scientific journals and popular magazines. He is a member of numerous scientific bodies, including the Inter- national Academy of Science, the World Academy of Arts and Science, the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, and the International Medici Academy. He was elected member of the Hungarian Academy of Science in 2010.

The recipient of various honors and awards, including Honorary Ph. D.s from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Hungary, Laszlo received the Goi Award, the Japan Peace Prize in 2001, the Assisi Mandir of Peace Prize in 2006, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and 2005.

Some of Ervin Laszlo's most recent books

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Reconnecting to the Source

What is Consciousness? Three Sages look behind the Veil

What is Reality? The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness

The Tuscany Dialogues

Intelligence of the Cosmos

Information Medicine

Quantum Shift and the Global Brain

Beyond Fear and Rage

Global Shift in the World Mind

The Immortal Mind

Science and the Akashic Field

Worldshift 2012 - Making Green Business, New Politics & Higher Consciousness Work Together

The Connectivity Hypothesis

The Akashic Experience

The New Science and Spirituality Reader

Chaos Point 2012 and Beyond

Evolution The Grand Synthesis

he Consciousness Revolution: A Transatlantic Dialogue : Two Days With Stanislav Grof, Ervin Laszlo,

The Self-actualizing Cosmos

Dawn of the Akashic Age

Chaos Point - The world at the crossroads

You Can Change the World

Science and the Re-enchantment of the Cosmos

Simply Genius! And other tales from my life


European Culture and Development

The Systems View of the World

Cosmos - A Co-creator's guide to the Whole-World

The Insight Edge


Some of Ervin Laszlo's most most viewed videos

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