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“To avoid humanity destroying itself, we need to connect like-minded people around the world to get there when words can be turned into action and together they can do good. Because man will only survive if he unites and becomes part of the whole system again. ” Prof Ervin László 

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You can support the global mission of the Club of Budapest with a tax-favored grant or donation!

Please support our unique effort to develop a new paradigm for our world. It’s fast and easy: you can choose between a Bank transfer or Paypal donation.

Our bank coordinates are the following:

Beneficiary: Club of Budapest / Budapest Klub Alapítvány​

Address: 1014 Budapest, Tóth Árpád sétány 29. I./4. Hungary

Bank name: MKB Bank Zrt.

Account number: 10300002-20392257-00003285 


If you are a Hungarian Tax Payer, you can support the Club of Budapest by giving your 1% tax to this officially listed charity.


The charitable tax number is the following: 18088036-1-41


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You can DONATE via PayPal!

How does PayPal donation work?


Click on the PayPal button and type in the amount of your donation and choose from the optional options presented.

Add transaction costs and/or make it a monthly donation.

You can also donate with Debit or Credit Card!

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From now on, the Budapest Club wants to pay even more attention to the implementation of communication between like-minded people. Our goal is to effectively communicate the ideas of scientists and philosophers to everyone through concrete programs and well-organized communication, to translate them for today's people, and thereby encourage action at the individual level.


Please join the Budapest Club Foundation Support Association, support our work!

As a member of the Association, you can also actively contribute to making our world better. If you wish to join as a non-governmental organization or company, please download our Entry Form for Non-Governmental Organizations or Entry Form for Companies form here and send it completed, signed, electronically to or by post to the Foundation's headquarters to the address: 1014 Budapest, Árpád Tóth promenade 29. I./4.

Please read our privacy policy.

Entry Form for Non-Governmental Organizations
Entry Form for Companies
Entry Form for Individuals
Budapest Club Foundation Support Association
Privacy Policy

Thank you for your support!


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can get in touch with us

In Person

1014 Tóth Árpád sétány 29. I./4. Budapest, Hungary



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Over the Phone

It's easy to get in touch offline too.

Tel: +36-1-212-9893

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