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The Organisation

The Club of Budapest is a group of eminent individuals dedicated to the basic mission of facilitating and providing direction to a „global shift” toward a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world. Working toward this objective is a network of independently operating national Clubs in more than a dozen countries in America, Europe, as well as Asia. The headquarters of the Club and the seat of its President is the Club of Budapest Foundation in Budapest. The heads of the national Clubs and the Ambassadors of the international Club constitute the Club’s international Board.


Prof Ervin Laszlo

The President of the Club of Budapest


Dr Maria Sagi

The Science Director of the Club of Budapest

The Founding Members


Elemer Hankiss †

Hungarian Sociologist, philosopher, value researcher, literary historian.


Ivan Vitanyi †

Hungarian Sociologist, esthete, politician, Member of Parliament


Peter Zwack †

Hungarian businessman, investor, philanthropist, diplomat, CEO and owner of the company Zwack.

Board of Trustees


Dr Etele Baráth 

Hungarian architect, politician, former minister, former president of the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Association.


Dr Tamás Halm

Associate Professor, Editor-in-Chief of the Economic Review, Director of Adult Education, Budapest College of Economics.


Dr Sándor Kerekes

Professor Emeritus at the Corvinus University in Budapest, economist.


Dr János Schiffer

Hungarian lawyer, city politician, member of parliament, deputy mayor


Dr János Szlávik

Professor, economist, focusing on the theoretical and practical issues of environmental economics and sustainability.

Global Executive Council

Dr. Zsolt Palkó

Marketing Lawyer,

climate protection expert, 

Innovation strategist,

awareness writer and lecturer

Zsofia Lakatos_2021.jpeg
Zsófia Lakatos

Communications and CSR expert, author,

former president of the Hungarian PR Association, 

Ambassador for Sustainability

Members of the Supervisory Board


Dr Gyula Bándi

Lawyer, professor, director, founder of the Hungarian environmental law training, researcher of European Union environmental law.

Katona - Klara - _DSC0664.jpg

Dr Klára Katona

Habilitated associate professor of law and economics at the Heller Farkas Institute of Economics

Képernyőfotó 2020-04-20 - 17.30.41.png

Dr Anna Kovács

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