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June 15, 2017 - Yesterday, the first members of the Club of Budapest's Global Executive Council have received their diplomas in a ceremonial setting in the Kodály Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


The task of the newly appointed members of the board of trustees of the Budapest Club Foundation is to bring to life in the life of the Hungarian-founded international humanitarian organization with creative, contemporary activities such that the Club of Budapest reaches, connects and now mobilizes those who they sympathize worldwide with the organization’s world-improvement efforts.

On Wednesday afternoon, a conference entitled “Re-discovering the Future” was held at a historical venue in the life of the Club of Budapest - the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Club of Budapest was founded twenty years ago at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, when the honorary members of the organization signed the Manifesto of Planetary Consciousness, which to this day summarizes in a unique way everything that today's people, regardless of their origin, religion or social status, it can do to make our world in danger worthy of man and sustainable.


In recent years, the system of ideas represented by the Budapest Club has successfully attracted improving peace organizations and humanitarian thinkers from all over the world, as well as professionals working for the environment on a daily basis. The time has come for the life of the organization to be no longer just about thoughts, but about the movements of distant organizations at the local level, ”said Ervin László, founder. “With the establishment of the Budapest Club Global Executive Council, we want to take the life of the Budapest Club in a new direction, because we believe that the new members, through their work and daily activities, send a message to the world that we can help the balance required for proper operation. So it's time to turn words into deeds and work together. He added.


The members of the Club of Budapest Global Executive Council are well-known public figures and well-known professionals in their profession, who are role models in the field of sustainability and have already done a lot to make our planet more livable: Zsolt Bauer (Climate Reality), Krisztina Bombera (CauseArt), Ákos Dominus (Sziget), Ádám József Kiss  (Green Union), Zsófia Lakatos (Emerald PR), Zsolt Mayer (MPRSZ), Zsolt Palkó (Ecolife), Gábor Pozsonyi (MagNet Bank), László Radácsi (Smartlab) and Diána Ürge-Vorsatz (CEU) .

Dr. Zsolt Palkó

Marketing Lawyer,

climate protection expert, 

Innovation strategist,

awareness writer and lecturer

Zsofia Lakatos_2021.jpeg
Zsófia Lakatos

Communications and CSR expert, author,

former president of the Hungarian PR Association, 

Ambassador for Sustainability

Global Executive Council

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