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Bruce Lipton in Budapest!

All-day conference in English with simultaneous Hungarian interpretation!

2022. October 29th!

Who is Bruce Lipton?

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., is an internationally known and recognized stem cell biologist, a pioneer in the science of epigenetics, and the author of several bestselling books, including Tudat: a belňő ślątő and Szeretételjes szőlőtő, also published in Hungarian. He is a former researcher at Stanford University's Faculty of Medicine, as well as the recipient of the prestigious Japanese Goi Peace Prize, with which his work was recognized in 2009.

Bruce Lipton is undoubtedly the outstanding figure of our time in creating a bridge between spirit and science. His discoveries contradicted the well-established scientific position that the course of our lives is controlled by our genes. His publications summarizing his research results determined the evolution of one of the most researched and important disciplines of our time, epigenetics. Dr. Lipton's ideas and results were later confirmed by numerous studies by other researchers.

Bruce Lipton is an Honorary Member of the Club of Budapest Foundation.

Registration and information:

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Alison Goldwyn
Alison Goldwyn

No matter what language and what universe, Bruce Lipton is a spirited Verb ... actively inspiring our enlightened Selves!

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