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New Audiobook release for Reconnecting to the Source.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

This revolutionary and powerful book will challenge you to reconsider the boundaries of our own experience and change how we look at the world around us.

Reconnecting to the Source is a powerful new book on the science of spiritual experience by Dr. Ervin Laszlo. A well-known figure in the fields of new science, consciousness, and spirituality, Dr. Laszlo has inspired some of today's most important figures in science and philosophy.

‘There is a new concept of the world emerging in the contemporary sciences, above all in the quantum disciplines. This concept is more aligned with classical wisdom teachings than with the currently dominant mechanistic-materialistic view, and it is not alien to experiences of spontaneous connection with the world. This is important: it could change our thinking about who we are and what the world is. We need to give due consideration to the idea that we are deeply and spontaneously connected to each other and to the world. We should have a good look at what the quantum sciences are telling us about the world, and our connection to the world…According to the quantum view, the world is not an arena for the motion of solid, indivisible particles in passive space and indifferently flowing time…’

In Reconnecting to the Source he unpacks the science behind spiritual experience, investigating the ways in which we can access realms of experience beyond the everyday. It is in these moments, when our conscious minds are in contact or perhaps even overridden by our unconscious selves, that we can explore the depths of spiritual meaning.

In addition to a foreword by Deepak Chopra, the book includes new, never before published contributions from a long list of well-known writers and public figures - including Jane Goodall, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Zhi-Gang Sha, Gregg Braden, and many more. Each contributor has written about a unique spiritual experience of their own, sharing moments in their lives that are outside of the boundaries of the usual and reflecting on the importance of these moments.

Audiobook version:

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