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Free eBook Download: The Portable Ervin Laszlo - Exclusive New Release

Ervin Laszlo's writings have vastly increased our understanding of the universe, evolution and the meaning of life. The Portable Ervin Laszlo includes definitive samples from decades of his writings and other works.

It provides an overview of his world view and will give you a renewed hope and optimism about the purpose of life and human evolution. This authorized collection is the only one of its kind.

Click on the link to download now:

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Alison Goldwyn
Alison Goldwyn
Aug 10, 2021

More like Transportable ... because that's what Ervin Laszlo does best; transport us to a realm of reality rarely attributed credibility in the material-oriented Western Mind. There are worlds beyond us and within us, without which we would be bereft. The conundrum is that we are bereft - not because we don't have access to them but because we don't even realise we're in possession of them (much less how to access them). Our species operates on limitation, deprivation, constriction, restriction. It's like living with only one open valve to the heart, thanks to habit and societal influence. Imagine unblocking the others and opening our hearts to living in a full-spectrum landscape. This is the transformative footpath Ervin Laszlo sherpas…

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