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One Earth Choir on February 21st 2023

The Project and its meaning - up today: 3.6 million participants.

One Earth Choir is not a choir of singers, but it is made by persons around the Earth who embrace & share the theme: “we have many native languages, but one only human language, we are one only humanity”.

In this project, the Symbol of our Human language is a music, that people around the Earth listen & share online (or play, or sing): *on the same day: 21st February every year, *at the same time, 11am UTC, in order to perceive, co-participate and share together our being One Humanity on Earth.

Where Peace is not a goal to achieve ‘outside’ of us, but it can exist only if we recognize and create it as a deep innate Quality of ours: of the Life which we are.


With our warmest Greetings & Spirit of co-participation,

Anna Bacchia

& Team One Earth Choir

What is One Earth Choir?

the One Earth Choir is made by persons who recognize and share that we have many native languages but one only human language, we are one only humanity

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