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A new phase in the evolution of human civilization is on the horizon. With deepening states of crisis bringing unrest to all parts of the world, there is a growing need for change in our ways of thinking and acting. We now have the choice of either spiraling into deepening peril, or breaking through to a world of dignity and wellbeing for all.

Throughout its history, humanity has been guided primarily by a material consciousness. Fearing scarcity, we have continued to pursue material gain beyond necessity, taking from others and depleting the Earth’s natural resources. If our aspirations continue to focus only on what is material and finite, our world will face inevitable destruction.

We, as individuals responsible for our and our children’s future, hereby declare that:

—We affirm the divine spark in the heart and mind of every human being and intend to live by its light in every sphere of our existence.

—We commit ourselves to fulfilling our shared mission of creating lasting peace on Earth through our ways of living and acting.

—We intend to live and act so as to enhance the quality of life and the well-being of all forms of life on the planet, recognizing that all living things in all their diversity are interconnected and are one.

—We continually and consistently strive to free the human spirit for deep creativity, and to nurture the necessary transformation to forge a new paradigm in all spheres of human activity, including economics, science, medicine, politics, business, education, communications and the media.

—We shall make it our mission to design, communicate and implement a more spiritual and harmonious civilization—a civilization that enables humankind to realize its inherent potential and advance to the next stage of its material, spiritual, and cultural evolution.

In the Spring of 2014, The Goi Peace Foundation sought background studies in four spheres (the economy, politics, media, and business) to show how its goals for humanity, as expressed in the Fuji Declaration, at that time provisionally entitled, “AWAKENING THE DIVINE SPARK IN THE SPIRIT OF HUMANITY: For a Civilization of Oneness with Diversity on Planet Earth” can be achieved. The Declaration points to the possibility of a worldwide shift in consciousness, from materialism-centered sustainability to full-spectrum flourishing.

Four research studies on the implementation of the declaration have been carried out by teams in Denmark, Hungary and US with the help of The Goi Peace Foundation. 

General project director Ervin Laszlo created an overview document with an assessment of the findings and the conclusions for their application: 

A report on practical steps for achieving the goal stated in the Declaration by Ervin Laszlo

1) The Business Sector Path Towards a Civilization of Oneness with Diversity

Authors: Lori D. Kendall, USA; Ignacio Pavez, Chile; Lili Bao, China; Advisor: Chris Laszlo, Ph.D.

Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio: United States of America

Research Study for the Goi Peace Foundation in conjunction with the Fowler Center for Sustainable Value at the Weatherhead School of Management. 

Contents: How business has contributed to the problem; The theory behind an awakened business; The stages of business evolution towards oneness; How companies follow the arc of interconnectedness; Crossing the ontological threshold.

Lori D. Kendall Ignacio Pavez Lili Bao C

Download the paper 

Lori D. Kendall, USA; Ignacio Pavez, Chile; Lili Bao, China; Advisor Chris Laszlo

2) Paths Toward a Civilization of Oneness with Diversity in the Sphere of the Economy

Authors: Sándor Kerekes, Kaposvár University, Hungary & Tamás Kocsis, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

This report presents a background study about the economy. It outlines the path toward a Civilization of Oneness with Diversity as it is being shaped and advanced by the economy.

Contents: The economic theory behind (un)sustainability; The shift towards an economy of flow (a GDP-friendly path); The concept of the’ celestial footprint’ (the increase of which is always advantageous, in contrast to increases in the ecological footprint); The shift towards voluntary simplicity (a GDP-reducing path).

Kerekes Sndor  Kocsis Tams.png

Download the paper 

Sándor Kerekes & Tamás Kocsis

3) New Media for a New Future: The Emerging Digital Landscape for a Planetary Society

Authors: Bente Milton, Coordinator - Denmark; Duane Elgin – USA; Kingsley L. Dennis – Spain/UK

A Research Study on Behalf of the Goi Peace Foundation.

Contents: Media in Transition; A New Superpower — Creative Transformation through New Media; Social Media as a Powerful Tool; New Media Empowering a New Generation; Transforming Education in the New Media Environment; The Transforming Power of Computer Games; The Hazard of an Always-On Lifestyle; New Stories for our Future; New Media and the Politics of Conscious Citizenship.

bente milton duane elgin kingsley l denn

Download the paper 

Bente Milton, Coordinator - Denmark; Duane Elgin - USA; Kingsley L. Dennis - Spain/UK

4) Global Transformation, Fundamental Political and Social Change, Constructive Political Innovation and Responsible Social Sciences

Authors: Ferenc Miszlivetz, Hungary & Jody Jensen, USA

A study on practical steps toward creating a new civilization.

Contents: A New Norm for a New Age: New Terminologies; Paradigm Shift; Pathways to the Formulation of New Norms; Integrative Cognitive Tools: Towards Oneness in Scientific Analysis; Towards a New Global Social Contract.

Ferenc Miszlivetz Jody Jensen.png

Download the paper 

Ferenc Miszlivetz, Hungary & Jody Jensen, USA

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