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The Club of Budapest announces its Global “Save Our Future” Project

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

The International Club of Budapest Plans to Issue Crisis- Averting

Unrecognized-Threats Early Warning Advisories.

“Unrecognized-Threats Early Warning Advisories” will be issued by The Club of Budapest based on “Recognition Reports” provided by concerned individuals from around the globe. The Reports will be reviewed for plausibility and realism by an independent group of experts convened by the Club of Budapest, and endorsed Reports will serve as the basis for issuing “Unrecognized-Threats Early Warning Advisories”. The Advisories are intended to be “Wake-Up Calls” addressed to conscious and concerned persons wherever they live on the planet.

The Advisories will provide advance notice on issues and developments that threaten the life and wellbeing of a significant segment of humanity. yet are not recognized as such by the mainstream political, business, and civic communities. They are to save the future of today’s generations by catalyzing timely action to avert or overcome the threatening issues and developments.


The following invitation is addressed to all people who wish to be part of a concerted effort to create a safer, less crisis and breakdown-prone world for themselves and for their children, and for all people and children on the planet.

If you, a conscious and concerned member of the human family, recognize issues and developments that, if unchecked and unrectified, would lead to critical conditions for humanity, you are cordially and urgently invited to furnish a Recognition Report to the Club of Budapest to enable it to issue the relevant “Unrecognized Threat Advisory” as a Wake-Up Call to conscious and responsible people and organizations throughout the world.

The Club of Budapest is committed to promote the early warning “Recognition Reports” it receives and endorses with all the means at its disposal. It will issue periodic updates disclosing the warnings and warnings-related projects it receives in order to enable conscious and concerned people and organizations to take account of the warnings and undertake creative responses before the early warning signs evolve into life- and well-being depressing crises.



(a) The need for the Reports

With the growth of the human population, and the introduction of ever more and ever more complex technologies, the connection between events becomes less and less tractable. The human system has become strongly nonlinear, with multiple feedbacks and feedforwards and chaos-dominated tipping points. Classical approaches to forecasting fail: it is no longer possible to foresee coming events from existing conditions.

In these circumstances it is necessary to move beyond the classical methods of observation and forecasting, taking recourse to individual insight and serendipitous revelatory events. Individuals may come across insights beyond the range of conventional approaches. The international community is beginning to wake up to the possibility of multiple and often unanticipated crises and instabilities. More and more individuals are open to new developments, whether upshifts or downshifts. Observant and concerned persons may come across generally undisclosed and hence ignored life-threatening developments. It makes sense to canvas the awakened people for insights and indications of UTs: unrecognized life-threatening developments.

(b) Drafting and filing the Reports

Recognition Reports may be based on controlled observation, on personal experience, even on meaningful intuition and insight. Impending threats may appear to sensitive individuals as a spontaneous recognition: “Yes, the development I am becoming aware would be a major threat to life and wellbeing unless we do something decisive about it.” The purpose of drafting and filing the Report on such recognition is to catalyze the will to undertake meaningful action to recognize the impending and as yet not consciously recognized threat.

Recognition Reports are to be filed as a one-page summary of up to 300 words, and may be supported by an explanatory note with references to the supporting information of up to one thousand words. The authors of the Reports will be duly recognized in the Wake-Up Call they catalyze (unless they wish to remain anonymous).

The voluntarily produced Recognition Reports are to be filed with the Club of Budapest Secretariat at the following e-mail address:


SAVE OUR FUTURE Early Warning Project Press Release
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The Club of Budapest <>

An International not-for-profit organization, The Club

of Budapest was founded in 1992 by Ervin Laszlo


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